Did you know that one person is infected with HPV every 20 minutes? And did you know that one
in four Americans is currently infected with HPV? Thanks to amazing support throughout the
year, the HPV Cancers Alliance was able to continue saving lives by educating the general public
and medical professionals about the often undiagnosed or misdiagnosed cancers caused by HPV.
We helped patients deal with the stigma and guilt that often accompanies a diagnosis. And we
made sure that people diagnosed with HPV-related cancers didn't have to be alone. As we
embark on a new year, we want to arm even more patients and caregivers with the knowledge,
support, and advocacy to help them become not just cancer survivors--but thrivers.

In support of our work, Co-Founders Marcia Cross and Dan Lifton will each match your generous donation-- dollar-for-dollar. That means your gift of $100 would turn into $300, and a gift of $1,000 would turn into $3,000 for the HPV Cancers Alliance. ANY donation amount is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your support and for making a difference!

Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law as HPV Alliance is a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Amplify Your Donation

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Did you know that many employers will also match your donation? To find out if your company has a matching grant program, look for a matching grant program at your employer's intranet portal. If you don't see one:
  • Go to the Charity Navigator
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You may also reach out directly to your human resources department. If your company uses a matching grant application where we are not yet registered, reach out to Executive Director Lillian Kreppel at [email protected] for assistance.

In Memory of

Phyllis Weisband Fibus

Phyllis Weisband Fibus
We support many patients battling HPV associated cancers, but it never fails to break our heart when one of them loses the battle.

"I had the sincere honor to assist in the care of Phyllis. She was a force of nature! Her strength and courage as a patient were truly admirable. Her passion to advocate for herself and others was also incredible. We remained in contact throughout the years. Her energy, advocacy, and positivity will continue to inspire myself and others. I am eternally grateful for our friendship."
-- Dr. Cathy Eng, Oncologist

"I was fortunate to have met Phyllis almost 5 years ago at Skate Your Butt Off in Los Angeles. Phyllis and I spoke on and off over the years and formed a sweet friendship. Phyllis loved to touch base to go over a question, tell me about a clinical trial she was going through, or just kibitz. She always supported me and the mission of the HPV Cancers Alliance. I loved talking with her, whenever it was, and you would never know she was sick because she had such a sunny, positive outlook each and every day.

One of my fondest memories is when we had lunch together just a few months ago in Los Angeles and when I spent Passover at her home. As sick as she was, she was serving and caring for her guests. Phyllis was a gem, and I feel blessed to have had her in my life, even for the short time. I will always treasure and remember Phyllis, and I am all the better for it. Thank you, dear Phyllis, I only wish you were still here."
-- Lillian Kreppel, Executive Director of HPV Cancers Alliance

Lillian has planted a tree in Israel in Phyllis's honor.

2022: Year In Review

HPV Cancers Alliance raised awareness of HPV and its associated cancers by engaging with medical communities, the general public, and survivors of HPV Associated Cancers. By participating in panel discussions, providing keynote addresses, speaking with researchers, hosting webinars, and providing media interviews, HPV Cancers Alliance is an advocate for HPV awareness, prevention, diagnosis, patient support, and treatment.
No Longer Invisible: Learning from Survivors
Co-hosted by St. Jude's
and Cervivor
March 2, 2022
Memphis, TN
International HPV Awareness Day:
One Less Worry Campaign
Sponsored by IPVS
March 4, 2022
Social Media
How to Talk about HPV with Your Loved Ones
Co-hosted by Head and Neck Cancer Alliance
May 12, 2022
Watch Webinar Highlights
IANS Scientific Meeting
Hosted by International Anal Neoplasia Society
June 3-5, 2022
New York, NY
Women Talk: Girlfriend's Day with Marcia and Lillian
Hosted by HealthyWomen
August 1, 2022
Watch the Interview
Conference on Lower Anogenital Tract Cancer
Hosted by ACOG
September 15, 2022
Virtual Conference
HPVCA 2022 Annual Board Meeting
Hosted by HPVCA
October 11, 2022
New York, NY
Patient & Health Advocacy Summit
Hosted by Biotechnology Innovation Organization
October 27, 2022
Washington, D.C. | Virtual Conference
10th Annual HPV Related Cancer Summit
Hosted by Team Maureen
November 4, 2022
Boston, MA

HPV Cancers Alliance 2022 Board Meeting

October 11, 2022
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center | New York, NY
HPVCA Board Photo 2022
After two years of Zoom meetings, HPVCA held its very first hybrid board meeting. We were thrilled to have members of the Medical Advisory Board and Leadership Advisory Team in attendance both virtually and in-person with some members traveling from across the country to attend. Thank you to Dr. Paul Romesser and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center for hosting the event and to everyone who attended.

Thank you to our terrific guest speakers!

Dr. Gary Deng, Medical Director of the Bendheim Integrative Medicine Center at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center spoke about the benefits of integrative medicine for patients of HPV associated cancers.

Dr. Judith A. Smith spoke about her Phase II Trial of AHCC® that was published this year in Frontiers in Oncology. She also told us about her next trial that aims to determine the best duration for which people with persistent HPV infections should take AHCC. Read her published Phase II trial here.

Dan Lifton our Co-Founder gave a fascinating talk about the challenges of conducting trials for medicinal supplements.

2023: The Year Ahead

HPV Prevention and Treatment for the LatinX Community (in Spanish)
Co-hosted by HPVCA and
Memorial Sloan Kettering
Immigrant Health and Cancer Disparities Center
January 13, 2023 6-7:30 pm
Watch Event Here
Lillian Kreppel Interview
Hosted by Conquer Cancer Podcast
January 20, 2023
Listen Here
HPV Prevention Week “Did You Know?” Campaign
with HPVCA and ACOG
January 23-29, 2023
Social Media
Raising Awareness to End HPV-Related Cancers Panel
Hosted by American Women Medical Association (AWMA)
January 27, 2023
Virtual Conference
“HPV Cancer Journeys”
In partnership with F*ck Cancer and YourTango
Monthly in 2023
HPV and Cancer Prevention in the LGBTQ Community
June 2023
HPV Policy
March 2023
Washington, D.C.
HPV Alliance Square Logo

2022 Research Highlights

We are encouraged by the amount of research being conducted on HPV and its associated cancers. One way we raise awareness about preventing and treating HPV cancers is by leveraging our website and newsletters to explain emerging research in an accessible way. Some of the past year's featured research includes:

The ANCHOR Study

This groundbreaking important research found that progression to anal cancer can be prevented by treating anal precancer in a manner similar to cervical precancer. Read our full explanation here.

Review of the Best Anal Cancer Treatments

by Dr. Cathy Eng, Oncologist (and colleagues)

This important review of current treatments for anal cancer explains what recent research has shown regarding the best treatments for anal cancer. Read our full explanation here.

Phase II Trial: AHCC® May Support Clearance of HPV

by Dr. Judith A. Smith (and colleagues)

HPVCA medical advisory board member Dr. Judith A. Smith published an important study showing that AHCC® may provide a systemic approach to clearing HPV infections. In the trial 64.3% of patients who took 3 grams of AHCC daily for six months achieved a durable response and cleared their persistent high-risk HPV infection 12 months after starting AHCC. AHCC is the first treatment to show promise of systemically clearing HPV infections. Read our explanation of the study here.

Next year we hope to share more information and interviews with experts regarding emerging research on preventing and treating HPV associated cancers.

Our Mission Partners

Executive Director, Lillian Kreppel, believes that an alliance of HPV and HPV-associated cancer organizations can further their shared mission more successfully by joining together to raise awareness and save lives. We support our mission partners by co-sponsoring events, supporting their events through cross-promotion, and meeting every year to discuss strategies for furthering our shared mission. Our meeting last year was a huge success; we are looking forward to meeting again in January 2023.

Thank you to our mission partners!


A Message from the Executive Director

"Just over five years ago, I was diagnosed with Stage 2 HPV related anal cancer. It was a shock. I had never heard of anal cancer, but I was told that it was treatable and I held onto that hope with both hands and heart. I stayed focused on the future and what I needed to do to get well again. While I was going through treatment, I decided that I wanted to do something to educate the public and to save lives. I could not simply bury my experience and all that I had learned when this stigmatized, sneaky disease was harming-- and in some cases killing-- people.

I finished my last grueling chemo and radiation treatment at the end of December 2017 and began a new chapter in my life--a chapter that includes the HPV Cancers Alliance and our mission to spread knowledge and save lives. Co-founding and operating a non-profit organization has been a dramatic tale full of meaning, laughter, lessons, hope, tears, frustration, anger, compassion and determination.

As I reflect on reaching the five-year milestone of being cancer free, I am so grateful for my story and HPV Cancers Alliance. No one wants to get the big C, but so much good has come from my experience. I am so blessed and honored to work with the best doctors in the space, an amazing team of health professionals, patients, and volunteers. Together, we are changing lives and the world. I found a light in the darkness and hope that you have too."

Lillian Kreppel
Co-Founder and Executive Director
HPV Cancers Alliance
Lillian Kreppel started her activism early. Below is her first effort at spreading the word about Anal Cancer and HPV in a video she made for Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center soon after she was diagnosed. It has been viewed by many anal cancer patients who found it helpful and encouraging!
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