HPV Cancers Alliance Goes to Congress

to Advocate for HPV Cancer Prevention

HPV Cancers Alliance Founders, Marcia Cross and Lillian Kreppel, get ready to meet members of Congress.
HPV Cancers Alliance Board Members meet Republican Congresswoman Julia Letlow of Louisiana to discuss preventing HPV Cancers.
The HPV Cancers Alliance Board prepare for meetings with congressional representatives. From left to right: Dan Lifton (HPVCA Co- Founder), Marcia Cross (HPVCA Co-Founder), Lillian (HPVCA Co-Founder) , Meghan Riley (CRD Associates), Justine Almada (Anal Cancer Foundation), Jillian Leaver (Cervical Cancer Across The Map), John DeMuro (Moffitt Cancer Center), Kim McClellan (RRFP.org), Julia DeVillers (Anal Cancer survivor and Author), Grace Kranstover (CRD Associates),Dr. Paul Romesser (Memorial Sloan Kettering), and Steven Post (HPVCA Secretary).

HPV Cancers Alliance took to Capitol Hill to advocate for federal funding and legislation in support of raising awareness about HPV and its six associated cancers. We met with 11 representatives, and they were very receptive to our cause. We especially focused on meeting with Republican representatives to get bipartisan support.

We are happy to report that our mission was successful. Republican Representative Julia Letlow(Louisiana) and Democratic Representative Kathy Castor(Florida) will reintroduce and co-sponsor The PREVENT HPV Cancers Act, which, unfortunately, did not pass the senate last year. HPV Cancers Alliance is endorsing this bill and advocating for its passage in the 118th Congress.

The PREVENT HPV Cancers Act would create a national awareness campaign for HPV cancers, give states additional resources to improve their immunization information systems, and expand funding for the National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Initiative.

Please support this important bill.


Please help us continue to advocate for the treatment and prevention of HPV Cancers. Donations help us advocate for legislation, reach out to medical organizations where it is important to raise awareness about HPV-associated cancers, and support patients and survivors of HPV-associated cancers.
Our outreach to doctors and medical professional organizations is aimed at preventing cancer and increasing early detection of HPV associated cancers. We also raise awareness about HPV and its associated cancers by encouraging media stories on the topic and by holding events and webinars that reach large audiences. We aim to inform patients so that they can be empowered to advocate for their own health.
Our ultimate mission is to eradicate HPV-associated cancers!

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At HPV Cancers Alliance we are committed to providing in-depth medical information for patients with HPV-associated cancers. We interview experts to discuss their recent research or their recommendations regarding treatment or prevention of HPV associated cancers.
We are honored and grateful that Dr. Daniel L. Faden of Harvard University was able to sit down with us and discuss his groundbreaking research on HPV and circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) testing.


Our conversation with Dr. Faden was so fascinating that it inspired us to turn our interviews into podcasts! Please listen to our podcast with Dr. Faden (and bear with us as we adjust to this new medium). We hope to produce more podcasts that can provide patients with in-depth information about their health!

Interview with

Dr. Daniel L. Faden

Dr. Faden is a head and neck cancer translational investigator at the Faden Laboratory at Harvard University. He researches head and neck cancer genomics and leads head and neck cancer clinical trials. He is also an Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery at Harvard Medical School.

Key Takeaways

  • Research has already shown that testing for circulating HPV DNA can allow for earlier diagnosis of HPV cancers, especially for head and neck cancers for which, unlike for cervical cancer, there is no fully effective current screening.
  • There are many types of HPV, but even within one genotype, like HPV 16, there are variants that behave differently. For example, there has been fascinating research showing that the same HPV genotype develops differently in different locations causing that variant to, for example, be more or less aggressive for different ethnic groups.
  • ctDNA testing is an enormously important area of research that may radically change the way we test for cancer. Perhaps, in the distant future, the various cancer screenings we have today will be replaced by one blood test screening for circulating tumor DNA.
  • Listen to the full interview with Dr. Faden at our Podcast below.
Read highlights from this fascinating interview below:


ctDNA Tests May Lead to Earlier Detection of Recurrences in Anal Cancer Patients

An important new study showed that monitoring circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) may detect recurrences in anal cancer patients earlier than standard screening methods. Until now, most studies of ctDNA testing for HPV associated cancers were conducted on patients with oropharyngeal cancer. However, this groundbreaking study offers new hope for anal cancer patients.
This research was co-led by our medical advisory board member Dr. Paul Romesser at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Dr. Richard Tuli at the University of South Florida Health Morsani College of Medicine and Tampa General Hospital.

Key researcher Dr. Janet Alvarez explains this groundbreaking research here.
The full paper published by the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) can be found here.

Please also listen to our podcast on ctDNA testing with Dr. Daniel Faden of Harvard University here.

HPV Vaccines Have Reduced Cervical Cancer Rates by 65%

Earlier this year, the American Cancer Society (ACS) released its 2023 Cancer Statistics, the organization’s annual report on cancer facts and trends. There was an astounding 65% reduction in cervical cancer rates in women aged 20-24 from 2012 through 2019, in the wake of the introduction of the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine.

HPV Cancers Alliance in the Press

Because our core mission is to raise awareness about HPV-associated cancers, we are excited that articles about us and our mission that can reach key audiences have been published.

Sometimes a Hemorrhoid Is Not Just a Hemorrhoid | Lillian Kreppel & Marcia Anne Cross | Society of Gynecologic Oncology (sgo.org)

Because many anal cancer survivors report being misdiagnosed by their gynecologists, we are especially pleased this article was published for an audience of healthcare professionals working in gynecological fields.

In Her Own Words: Why Lillian Kreppel Promotes HPV Education

This BizWomen article raises awareness about HPV cancers among business women.

Newly Diagnosed with Anal Cancer: Step-by-Step Help by Survivor

Here at the Scary Symptoms website, we explain the symptoms of anal cancer by telling the story of Lillian's journey. We also emphasize that high-risk HPV has no symptoms and discuss the importance of PAP tests in detecting the disease.

ASCO "Your Stories" Podcast with Lillian Kreppel

The American Society of Clinical Oncology interviewed Executive Director Lillian Kreppel for an episode of "Your Stories." Lillian talked about the importance of advocating for oneself and seeking second opinions. She also explained that she had found stark limitations in HPV information, including lack of public awareness and patient education, inadequate guidelines for cancer screening, and a lot of HPV-related social stigma. This is why she co-founded the HPV Cancers Alliance.

Recent Events

HPV Prevention Week with ACOG

January 23-27, 2023, United States

We were proud to work with the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) to highlight the importance of HPV vaccination during HPV Prevention Week. The collaboration produced two PSAs issued across social media featuring some recognizable faces: ObGyn and social media influencer Mama Doctor Jones (Danielle Jones, MD); actress, advocate, and cancer thriver Marcia Cross of HPV Cancers Alliance; Founder of Cervivor, fierce advocate, and cancer thriver, Tamika Felder; and the well-respected ObGyn, Dr. Camille Clare of New York City Health + Hospital Metropolitan, and New York Medical College.

International HPV Awareness Day

March 4, 2023, Worldwide

HPV Cancers Alliance partnered with the International Human Papillomavirus Society (IPVS) on its “One Less Worry” campaign. We, alongside 135 like-minded organizations from around the globe, generated awareness about the importance of vaccination in HPV-associated cancer prevention. Check out our social media channels and search #onelessworry to see more from our campaign mission partners.

6th Annual HealthyWomen Event

March 30, 2023, Washington, D.C.

HPVCA’s Executive Director, Lillian Kreppel, was honored to attend “The Art of Living Well”—HealthyWomen’s annual event that brought together experts, researchers, and innovators to celebrate advancements in women's health while raising money for the HealthyWomen non-profit organization. The event featured an impressive roster of changemakers working to benefit women’s health.

Raise Your Glass-Whiskey and Wine Fundraiser

Sunday, April 23

Mercedes-Benz of Orlando

This special event organized by our leadership team member Jason Mendelsohn, a survivor of stage 4 HPV-associated tonsil cancer, was a super-fun fundraising event for oral, head and neck cancer awareness month that featured oral cancer risk assessments from University of Central Florida’s College of Health Professions and Sciences.
Leading up to the event, a stunning Mercedes GLC 300W covered with the names of cancer patients, caregivers, and survivors, including our Executive Director, Lillian Kreppel, was spotted around Central Florida.

35th International Papillomavirus Conference-IPVC 2023

April 17-21, 2023, Washington D.C.

Our Executive Director, Lillian Kreppel, attended the IPVC Conference where participants heard about the latest research findings, scientific news, and best practice updates in the field. She spoke on a panel on breaking down the stigma against HPV and the importance of amplifying advocacy and awareness efforts with support from the scientific community.
Read more about the event here.

#SWHRtalksHPV: Vaccination for Cancer Prevention

Executive Director Lillian Kreppel spoke at a Society for Women's Health Research virtual public forum and shared information about the HPV vaccine and the importance of preventing HPV and its associated cancers.

Our Mission Partners

Executive Director Lillian Kreppel believes that an alliance of HPV and HPV-associated cancer organizations can further their shared mission more successfully by joining together to raise awareness and save lives. We support our mission partners by co-sponsoring events, supporting their events through cross-promotion, and meeting every year to discuss strategies for furthering our shared mission.

Thank you to our mission partners!

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