Lillian’s Story

When Lillian was diagnosed with stage II anal cancer in 2017, her response reflected her personality: “I don’t have time for this cancer. Let’s take care of this. Let’s get it done.”

Lillian and her doctors immediately identified her rigorous treatment program of chemoradiation therapy, and she assembled a huge support team of friends that was with her every step of the way. Her determination, positive attitude, and relentless spirit got her through the ordeal with her critical organs (and sense of humor!) intact.

Lillian’s personal experience with HPV-related anal cancer profoundly influenced her to become an activist and a tireless advocate, and in the end, a new mission and vision in life was born. She knew that she had a responsibility to empower the public and the medical communities through education, awareness, and advocacy and that the time was, and is, NOW.  Together with actress, Marcia Cross and businessman, Dan Lifton, they founded HPV Cancers Alliance in 2019.

Lillian/HPVCA is motivated, driven, and committed to spreading knowledge and saving lives, in Lillian’s own words, “Although HPV impacts nearly everyone, no one should die from this preventable virus”. She is a woman with an iron-sharp mission and vision, and the endless energy and dedication to achieve it.

Lillian is funny, outgoing, and a lover of life. She just hit her 5-year cancer-free mark & considers herself now, an anal cancer thriver.

Impact Statement

  • HPV Alliance exists to increase the Medical Community’s awareness of the threat of HPV and the 6 cancers it causes.


  • To inspire others with my personal journey through the maze of HPV education, awareness, and prevention for the 6 cancers HPV causes.
  • To target the Medical Societies including Medical Residents with HPV education about the 6 cancers HPV causes.
  • To empower individuals with the knowledge they need to manage their own health.
  • To eradicate HPV for the next generation.
  • To change the negative stigma associated with HPV-related cancers.
“Although Anal Cancer is a rare disease, it is on the rise for both men and women, and unfortunately, stigmatized…so much so that many people will avoid even seeing a doctor, Lillian says”. We have to spread the word because many people have never heard of Anal Cancer, much less HPV and the cancers it can cause. HPV and Anal Cancer desperately need a voice. I AM THAT VOICE.” HPV Alliance is her vehicle.

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