Revolutionizing Cervical Cancer Screening

Introducing the FDA-Approved Self-Collection HPV Test

We are happy to announce a breakthrough in women’s health with Roche’s innovative self-collection HPV test, designed to expand access to life-saving screenings.

Convenient Self-Collection

Accurate Results

FDA Approved

Expanding Access

A New Era in HPV Screening

Roche's Self-Collection HPV Test: A Game Changer

  Roche’s  self-collection HPV test has been approved by the FDA. This marks a significant milestone in women’s health. By allowing women to collect their own samples in a healthcare setting, this test aims to increase the accessibility of cervical cancer screening, particularly in underserved areas. Early detection is crucial, as it can prevent the progression of HPV to cervical cancer. Currently, over 13,000 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer annually in the US, and approximately 4,000 succumb to the disease. Many of these cases are attributed to insufficient screening. With Roche’s new test, we can bridge this gap and move closer to eliminating cervical cancer.

Roche’s cobas® molecular instrument will make it possible for many more women to collect a sample themselves, in a healthcare setting, and receive accurate results. This will be very helpful, for example, in rural communities and areas where women do not have easy access to PAP tests. Roche’s self-collection solution will make it significantly easier for women to be screened for HPV. The cobas HPV test detects 14 types of high-risk HPV genotypes that put patients at higher risk of cervical cancer. It includes results for HPV 16, HPV 18 and 12 other high-risk pooled genotypes.

Empowering Women with Accessible Screening

Impactful Statistics

  • Annual Cervical Cancer Diagnoses 13,000% 13,000%
  • Annual Cervical Cancer Deaths 4,000% 4,000%
  • Percentage of Underscreened Patients 50% 50%


We hope these statistics will be history!

Key Features of Roche's Self-Collection HPV Test

Enhanced Accessibility

The self-collection solution empowers women to collect samples in varied  healthcare settings, making HPV screening more accessible than ever.

Comprehensive Detection

The cobas HPV test identifies 14 high-risk HPV genotypes, including HPV 16 and HPV 18, which are most commonly associated with cervical cancer.

Accurate Results

Utilizing Roche’s cobas® molecular instrument, Roche’s test ensures precise and reliable results, helping to monitor and prevent cervical cancer effectively.

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